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$300 per month per facility

I need to monitor a single assembly area or production line

1 month data retention

  • Secure device provisioning with unique certificates
  • Remote management for managing connected devices from another location
  • Daily summary reports including device information, alerts, notifications and network related information
  • Alerts & Notifications regarding unusual network activity – dropped packets, devices exceeding bandwidth utilization limits, WiFi connectivity issues, and devices going offline
  • Email & chat support


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I need to monitor 2 or 3 assembly areas or production lines

3 months data retention

Everything in Pilot +

  • Event correlation
  • Access to 30 day free trial of Corlina AuDiO™ software


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I'd like to Auto Deploy across a large facility or multiple locations

12 months data retention

Everything in Growth +

  • Advanced correlation
  • Corlina AuDiO™ software included for automatic deployment across a large environment
  • Corlina Trust Platform including Trust Score updates associated with system Alerts
  • Phone support
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Platform Add-ons
Corlina AuDiO™
Auto deploy and store data onsite

For environments with large numbers of devices, Corlina AuDiO (Automatic Discovery Onsite) enables automatic device discovery and agent installation, temporary data storage & Cloud sync, SW update management, and enhanced security features.

Trust API
Integrate trust data into your applications

For companies developing solutions and apps where providing real-time Trust data within their implementation is critical to customer confidence, Corlina can provide API access to our Trust Platform.

Bespoke Tenant Architecture
Customized infrastructure

For companies with enhanced security, compliance, or other unique requirements for handling sensitive data, Corlina can provide specialized infrastructure tailored to your needs. Starting at $20,000 annually.

Corlina Installation Service
Environment set-up

For companies needing support in onboarding devices, setting up network connectivity, creating profiles, or adding new hardware to support a Corlina installation, the Corlina Field Services team can get you started.


01 How does support work?

All plans include email and chat support, via support@corlina.com. Questions submitted via email will be addressed within 48 hours. In addition, users should consult our documentation at support.corlina.com where online user guides are hosted and information is updated frequently. For the Scale plan, phone support is also included.

02 Are there cancellation fees or penalties?

Unless specifically stated in any Subscription offer or promotion when you place your Subscription order, you have the right to cancel your Subscription at any time. The cancellation will become effective at the end of your current billing period; no future payments will be charged to your account, and you will have full access and usage rights to the Corlina platform through the end of your current subscription period. Corlina does not offer refunds for subscriptions that are cancelled early.

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03 Are the number of devices I use capped per plan?

No, we measure usage based on data storage.

04 If I start a Trial from the Scale plan, do I get access to those plan features during the Trial period?

No, the Trial period offers the same functionality to all users of Corlina. You can upgrade to a specific plan / set of functionality at any time during your trial.