Verify the reliability of your Smart Factory system and trust your results

The Corlina solution provides the visibility you need to determine that your Smart Factory devices are trustworthy, reliably and securely collecting data at the edge and delivering it to your database or application engine in the Cloud. It’s your first line of defense against network failure, lost data, and factory floor attacks.

Simple device onboarding

The Corlina Technology (CT) software module is loaded onto your Smart Factory devices through a user-friendly online flow that quickly and easily walks you through installation.

Corlina is certified to run on third-party hardware systems including:
Advantech UNO-2271G Intel® Atom™ Pocket-Size Smart Factory Edge Gateway. The CT is compatible with any Advantech hardware that runs Advantech Embedded Linux.
– Raspberry Pi with Raspbian
Intel® NUC

The CT module runs on Intel® X86 based servers, and gateways using processors including Intel® Core™, Intel® Xeon®, Intel® Pentium®, and Intel® Atom.


End-to-end visibility in the IIoT stack

Track the communications of all the connected devices on your factory floor -- sensors, cameras, actuators, tools, gateways, and more -- for a real-time view into where your data is going, what is connected to each device, and whether your network bandwidth is delivering the level of connectivity your operations demand.

Are your system and data reliable?

Unexpected, undetected outages, offline devices, or dropped data packets could be diminishing the results of your key Industry 4.0 projects.

The Corlina Dashboard provides the intelligence and control you need
Factory-level Dashboard
Device Profiles
Detailed Reporting
Factory status at a glance

View the latest performance of your connected infrastructure on one easy to digest view. Get a flexible snapshot of transmitted traffic by device type, device status, notifications, and alerts.

Define and assign device profiles

Establish security rules like preventing East-West traffic, set thresholds for data transfer rates, and specify WiFi and network telemetry requirements.

Factory statistics for custom time periods

Generate factory reports for the time periods that enable you to manage your business effectively. See all your statistics summarized together.

Ensure the ROI of your IIoT investments with Corlina