Corlina’s patent-pending Trust Metric™ provides a real-time measure of device and system trustworthiness, tailored to each business’s unique context and priorities.

Why is Trust important?

The Corlina Trust Platform ensures data quality for analytics, increasing your confidence in your business outcomes.

Device Trust

Corlina’s Trust Metric is calculated using a proprietary algorithm that first calculates a trust score for each component of your IoT system. Corlina authenticates and tracks each device's location and state in relationship to the network and the role of the device. As a first response, any deviation from a known baseline is correlated with observed patterns or trends, and factory managers are alerted to system anomalies.

System Trust

The system Trust Metric is calculated using a weighting of component trust scores defined by you. This ensures that your priorities and unique circumstances are directly reflected in your unique measure of trust.

The resulting Trust Metric is straightforward to interpret and enables you to readily take action to address the root cause of issues that diminish trust in your environment.

Data Reliability

When associated with your business data, the Trust Metric measures the effectiveness of your business models and therefore your business outcomes.

Any data quality management effort must start with collecting data in a trusted environment, implying that the data sources (machines, IoT devices) and the data collection processes are all trusted. Too often data analysts find that they are working with data that is incomplete or unreliable. Techniques such as machine learning or data simulations are being promoted as an elixir to bad data, but they do not fix the original problem of bad source data.