System of Trust™

Delivering confidence for your IIoT infrastructure

End-to-End Visibility

A Smart Factory environment is often fragmented, with an array of devices, systems, and software and the potential for changes to be made anywhere by anyone. Corlina brings order to the chaos by providing a realtime view into the current status of your connected infrastructure.

Data Reliability

Tracking your data through and beyond the factory floor can be a nightmare. Is the data being captured correctly? Is it moving from the correct source into the appropriate analytics engine? Corlina tracks these flows and ensures your data reaches the right endpoints, so you have the confidence it's complete and accurate.

System Integrity

Corlina monitors each device, as well as the entire factory network, analyzing performance and notifying you of any changes that could cause potential issues. From production monitoring to predictive maintenance, Corlina provides an early warning system, so you can trust that every aspect of your factory ecosystem is performing as it should.


The easiest way to monitor your connected infrastructure

Corlina provides the only SaaS-based, hardware agnostic solution for managing your Smart Factory infrastructure. With our automated device onboarding, self-service customer setup, and lightweight software footprint, we’re the simplest yet most elegant solution for all industrial environments.

Unlike complex proprietary systems, Corlina’s Smart Factory System of Trust™ is simple to implement and painless to scale to meet your specific needs.


Unique Trust Metric™

Corlina’s proprietary Trust Metric provides a constant, realtime assessment of the stability and integrity of your Smart Factory ecosystem. Systematic Alerts and detailed recommendations act as your first line of defense against unexpected system disruptions, whatever the cause.

Corlina has been instrumental in helping us achieve our objectives for our Smart Factory, particularly our goals for remote monitoring from Japan.

Yo Nakajima
Chief Business Architect

Hitachi High-Tech

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