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Add devices to the dashboard

To start add your devices to your dashboard, click “Add Devices” in the lower right of the Location confirmation screen or the same button on the main Devices page on your dashboard.

When you add devices, you’ll choose the device type in the left-hand drop down field. Your choices include Camera, Sensor, or Other. You’ll then create a device name and input its IP address. You’ll only need the ssh credentials if you’re adding multiple devices.

If you are adding multiple devices, click “Add Another Device”, and you’ll be prompted to make the same set of entries as you did for your first device.


For each device that you enter, you can also choose to add them to a Device Group from this screen. You can even create a Group from the drop-down menu here if you’d like to begin creating Groups at this point in time. (We recommend skipping this step initially to get up and running. Access more information on Groups in the Corlina Documentation.)

When you’ve entered all the required device information, click “Next”.

You’ll see this confirmation that your device has been added.

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