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Trial Usage

How does the Corlina Free Trial work?

The Corlina System of Trust™ is free to try for the first 30 days. During the free trial, your Corlina tenant will be created in a production environment so that all your data will be available and secure should you decide to convert to a paid license. During the trial period, you can deploy the CT software on your IIoT devices and use the Corlina Cloud to monitor their performance in your environment. The Corlina On-Premise module (Corlina AuDiO™) is not available during the trial period.

What happens at the conclusion of the 30-day trial?

At the end of the free trial, you can retain all your data and convert your tenant to one of the Corlina SaaS plans detailed on our pricing page. At that time, you can add more devices to your deployment depending on the plan and features you select.

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