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What does Corlina do?

Corlina’s SaaS-based solution provides monitoring and security for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments – security is based on the concept of Trust and Trustworthiness. The software is simple to install and use. It helps identify tampering and operational state changes allowing the user to take immediate action to address malfunctions and malicious behavior. The goal is to enable customers to collect data for operational improvements in a Trusted environment, which in turn results in more accurate data for business analytics. Our software can be deployed in manufacturing, retail, or other connected environments that require compliance and security. Here is a short video about our solution.

What is the Corlina System of Trust™?

The Corlina System of Trust is a device independent, hardware agnostic software system that enables you to track the operational status of the connected elements of any IIoT environment, and establish and track the trustworthiness of the connected devices and the data flows throughout the system. There are three software components of the System of Trust:

  1. The Corlina Cloud, which presents the monitoring data collected from connected devices, the networks they’re using, and the data flows across the network
  2. The Corlina Technology (CT™) module, which is the small application installed on devices such as cameras or sensors, gateways, and switches. The CT is able to measure the state of a device, and communicate this state to the Corlina Cloud for tracking and reporting.
  3. The Corlina on-premise module (Corlina AuDiO™) is an optional element of the system which can be run on a server in the factory. The on-premise module enables fast onboarding of large numbers of devices, and enables temporary local data storage if a factory is temporarily disconnected from the cloud making the Corlina SaaS dashboard unavailable.



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