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How is the Corlina Technology (CT™) software deployed?

The CT software is downloaded from the Corlina Cloud onto an IIoT device during the device on-boarding process. When you add a device on the Corlina dashboard, the device on-boarding workflow takes you through few simple steps to download the CT software onto the device. If you are adding more than one device, you can select one of the devices to be the launch point to install the CT software on all of them with a single command. This option works if all of the devices are connected to the same network.

When deploying in a large scale environment with 20 devices or more, the recommended approach is for the CT software to be deployed automatically via use of the On-Premise module in a large factory deployment.

How long does it take to deploy Corlina?

The first step is to create your user account on the Corlina dashboard which will start your trial process. This step takes 5 minutes or less. This creates a Corlina Cloud account that allows you to manage all of your IIoT locations and devices in these locations in a single dashboard.

The second step is deploying the CT software on your devices. The CT software takes less than a minute to download (depending on the network connectivity) and install if performing a cloud-based deployment on a single device. It takes about 2 minutes to install on 10 devices.

If using the On-Premise solution (Corlina AuDiO™) for a large factory deployment, the CT software installation will also take just a minute or two to initiate. Completion of the CT software installation depends on the size of your deployment and the local network connectivity, but should be complete in less than 15 minutes in one facility.

What devices can the Corlina Technology software agent be deployed on?

The CT agent can be deployed on any Linux-based device running on an Intel® X86 architecture.

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