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Edge Compute

The edge compute server (or “integration server” or “industrial computer”) executes the data collection code to retrieve IOLM and sensor data from the devices in the monitoring suite; this is handled by a scalable application that reads the configurations, launches processes to handle the device communications, processes/normalizes the data, and stores it locally for presentation and communicates exceptions to the Corlina SaaS. The hardware for the server is an Industrial PC platform utilizing an X86 processor from Intel or ARM running Linux; we recommend Ubuntu Linux Version 18 LTS.
Here are options that are Corlina certified:

Manufacturer Product Name Description
Advantech UNO-2272G-3S51 Intel® Atom N2800 Based Palm-Size Automation Computer with 2 Mini-PCIe Slots
Advantech UNO-2272G-3S52 Intel® Atom J1900 Based Palm-Size Automation Computer with 2 Mini-PCIe Slots
Lanner LEC-7230M Compact Fanless All-purpose IPC with Intel® J1900 CPU
(Lanner provides a link to download the Linux driver right on the product page, making correct configuration easy)
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