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IO-Link Interface

ifm provides access to device information, process data (from sensors and integrators), and configuration details through HTTP GET requests to a micro-server which runs on their integration devices (IO-Link Master) and is accessible to IT (information technology) through the device’s IoT (Internet of Things) port.  Requests are via unencrypted URLs constructed in the form of http://<iolink-master-ip-address>/<structured request content>.
The structured request content is retrievable from the IO-Link Master using the /gettree request.  Request information provided by gettree gives the full string of the request and whether a trailing /getdata is needed for the request.

URL Description Data
/deviceinfo/bootloaderrevision/getdata Manufacturer’s boot loader revision for the IO-Link master String
/deviceinfo/devicefamily/getdata IO-Link master hardware device family name String
/deviceinfo/extensionrevisions/getdata Manufacturer’s extension revisions for the IO-Link master String
/deviceinfo/hwrevision/getdata Manufacturer’s hardware revision for the IO-Link master String
/deviceinfo/productcode/getdata Manufacturer’s name for IO-Link master String
/deviceinfo/productserial/getdata Manufacturer’s product serial number String
/deviceinfo/swrevision/getdata Manufacturer’s software revision for the IO-Link master String
/deviceinfo/vendor/getdata IO-Link master hardware manufacturer’s name String
/gettree Get complete list of device capabilities in JSON form JSON structure with the enumerated substructures for all request types, parameters, and data types
/iolinkmaster/port[x[1]]/iolinkdevice/applicationspecifictag/getdata Name (logical) assigned to this sensor during configuration String
/iolinkmaster/port[x]/iolinkdevice/deviceid/getdata Gets the device id (unique to device type) for the specified port (port number can be from 1 – 8) Integer in string format, with no decimal places
/iolinkmaster/port[x]/iolinkdevice/pdin/getdata Process data read from sensor, configuration and device specific (decoding information taken from ifm sensor documentation) String
/iolinkmaster/port[x]/iolinkdevice/productname/getdata Manufacturer’s name for the sensor type String
/iolinkmaster/port[x]/iolinkdevice/serial/getdata Device serial number String
/iolinkmaster/port[x]/iolinkdevice/status/getdata Status of the connected IO-Link device Integer, 0 = SENSOR_NOT_CONNECTED
/iolinkmaster/port[x]/iolinkdevice/vendorid/getdata Sensor vendor manufacturer id number Integer
/iolinkmaster/port[x]/pin2in/getdata Sensor continuity value (1 if sensor present, 0 otherwise) Integer
/iotsetup/network/ipaddress/getdata IP V4 Address of IO-Link Master String
/iotsetup/network/macaddress/getdata MAC address for the IO-Link Master String
/processdatamaster/current/getdata Current draw for IO-Link Master Integer, DC milliamperes
/processdatamaster/supervisionstatus/getdata Operating state of the IO-Link master Integer; 0 = “OK”, 1 = “short circuit”, 2 = “overload”, 8 = “undervoltage”
/processdatamaster/temperature/getdata Gets the current temperature of the IO-Link master in degrees Celsius Integer in string format, with no decimal places
/processdatamaster/voltage/getdata Supply voltage on IO-Link master Integer, DC voltage x 1000 (23100 = 23.1 vdc)

Caution must be taken in creating or formatting the request strings and URLs; embedded, leading, or trailing spaces or any misspelled words will result in a status code of 400 (Invalid Request) being returned from the IO-Link master device.
Responses are JSON formatted strings with a structure similar to the one below for temperature: {“cid”:-1,”data”:{“value”:44},”code”:200}
Note: Configuration of the IO-Link master and any sensors to be attached to it should be accomplished using the USB point to point interface provided by the ifm E30390 USB IO-Link Master connected to a Windows (or Windows VM) via USB.  The installation and setup of the associated software for the E30390 will add a program to the Windows Start Menu LR Device which can be found under the ifm electronic program group.
As part of the install of the E30390, there is a driver and firmware that must be downloaded from the ifm website and a user account is needed to login and obtain a copy of the configuration software LR DEVICE | QA0011/12 | Parameter setting of IO-Link masters and sensors from the subsection 75 (75 IO-Link | Configuration Tool) at the following location:
[1]             x is the integer port number on the IO-Link master that is being referenced, and its value substituted into the URL in its place.

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